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Legal & Compliance

Understanding your NFP's Constitution and Rules

A not-for-profit constitution is fundamental to your organisation's governance. Join Jonathan Teh and Jamila Shirzad for an excellent explanation.


Understanding the Role of the Chair

George shares insights from his time as the chair of several not-for-profit organisations. He discusses challenges and successes he has encountered in the chair role, and valuable lessons he has learned along the way.

Legal & Compliance

Changing Your NFP's Legal Structure (Panel)

How and why do you go about changing from an Incorporated Association to Company Limited by Guarantee? This panel discussion will help strengthen your understanding in this area.

Legal & Compliance

New rules for NFP Tax Reporting

There are new tax reporting structures coming for NFP organisations in Australia in 2023. What do the changes to incoming not-for-profit tax regulations mean for your organisation?

Business Excellence

Boards and Business Models

Business models are at the core of an organisation’s financial strength. It is therefore critical that Board members have a sound understanding of the business models of the organisations they govern.

Organisational Development

Organisational Transformation

Executing a successful organisational transformation will require leaders to undertake the necessary strategic thinking, strategic discussions and strategic decisions, in essence bold discussions and brave decisions.


What You Don't Know Can Hurt You

This is an essential presentation for board members who need a refresher on what it means to be a director.


The Fundamentals of Good Governance

An overview of the fundamentals of good governance for NFP directors. A must watch for both new and experienced directors.


Risk Appetite & Effective Decisions

In this webinar, you will learn a practical method to agree with fellow board members on your organisation’s preferred, as well as maximum tolerable: Strategic risks, Financial risks, Operational risks and Compliance risks.


Navigating the Annual General Meeting

How can we turn the AGM from a box ticking exercise into an opportunity? How can we set ourselves up for AGM success? This panel, chaired by Garry Barnes from Vital Advisory, will explore these questions and more.

Board Dynamics

Working With Your Board: Strategies for Success

The strength of your relationship with the board ensures business success and reputational security. Learn how to manage the boundaries whilst maintaining positive leadership, autonomy and good governance.

Accounting & Finance

Financial Reserves: Finding the goldilocks zone

How much of a financial reserve do you need? How do you to create a reserves policy for your organisation?

Business Excellence

Building Better Business Cases for your Board

In this panel Gavin, Alison, Alex and Cathy, using case studies from their experience, will explore how best to build a business case with your Board


Climate Risk Governance - NFP board & directors' duties

Gain a contemporary understanding of climate-related financial risks (and opportunities) which is a necessary foundation for a robust system of corporate governance.

Legal & Compliance

Understanding the role of the Company Secretary

Kristy Huxtable, an experienced Company Secretary, will present you with some tips and tricks on what makes a good Company Secretary and Governance professional.

Accounting & Finance

Understanding the Role of the Treasurer

The Treasurer plays a key role within the board that can greatly contribute to the success of of an organisation. It is critical to have a clear understanding of what is expected in this role.

Legal & Compliance

Directors Duties - Do they ever end? Some practical tips for NFPs.

Victor discusses the duties imposed by law on Directors and Committee Members, and covers tips on how a director can fulfil their duties and protect themselves from potential personal liability. A great refresher for experienced directors and essential viewing for new or aspiring directors.


Taking the Helm: Transitioning from Director to Chair

In this session Tracy will: • Explore the pathways to becoming a chair • Discuss the scope and responsibilities of the Chair vs. an NED • Look at the skills and personal qualities needed to be an effective chair • Examine the chair’s role in driving board culture.

Boardroom Technology

What Directors need to know about Cyber Security

Cyber Security is not just a fad, and if handled badly represents a real risk to organisations and indeed to the reputations of Directors. What is the role of the board and its sub committees in relation to security?

Strategic Thinking & Decision Making

Beyond Directors Duties: frameworks and mental models for directors

Aaron Goldsworthy will explore mental models and associated tools and processes that can assist directors to strengthen and enhance their organisation and ultimately what they deliver for their customers.


It's not in the Tea Leaves, It's in the Minutes

Examine the principles and content of a good agenda and minutes. Viewers will gain new respect and insight into the importance of these documents in painting an organisation, not just in retrospect, but in prospect.

Legal & Compliance

Legal Structures for Not-for-Profit Organisations

The legal structure you choose for your organisation should meet your organisation’s needs, and allow for future development and growth of the organisation.

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Ethics and Accountability

This pathway is aimed at leaders or prospective leaders wishing to consolidate their understanding of the role of ethics and accountability in leadership.


My Directorship: My Roles, Responsibilities, Risks and Rewards

Gain an in-depth understanding and practical application of their various community governance roles and responsibilities.


The Board Chair

Discover what the role of the board chair is, what skills they should have, how they can work effectively with the CEO and how to implement structures to make the board chair effective.

Risk Management Essentials

Risk Management Essentials

Shaheen Evans will give a brief overview of risk relative to the board.